TIBBO EM1000 Evaluation Board

Brief description

The EM1000-EV Evaluation Board set offers a convenient way of testing EM1000 Ethernet Modules.
The EM1000 module is not a part of the EM1000-EV board


  • The board features the following components:
  • Metal base.
  • The NB1000 network board
  • The IB1000 interface board with four RS232 ports.
  • The IC1000 interboard cable interconnecting the NB1000 and the IB1000.
  • The LB1000 LED board, which is connected to the NB1000 by the LC1000 LED board cable.
  • The LB1001 LED board, which is connected to the IB1000 by the LC1000 cable.

Technical attributes:

Ethernet Interface 10/100BaseT
Serial Connection Features TTL; full-duplex (RS232/RS422), half-duplex (RS485) ; RX, TX, RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR; Baud: 150-921600bps
Routing buffer size (bytes) Tibbo BASIC software
Dimensions (mm) 175 mm x 185 mm x 35 mm
Serial Port 4 x UART
Nominal power supply voltage 12 V
Serial-over-IP -
Programmable +
Supply Voltage 12 V
Ethernet Magnetics +
Ethernet connector (RJ45) +
Average Power Consumption 500mA, 12V DC
Supported network protocols UDP, TCP, ARP, ICMP (PING), DHCP, PPPoE, LCP


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