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Way of Development - Procontrol Ltd.


Started in 1981, Procontrol Electronics Ltd. is doing technical research and development especially in the field of custom embedded systems, micro- electronics, industrial and health care target systems. Procontrol  is one of the few Hungarian enterprises which develops the results of its own R+D activities until product level and markets its own innovative products.


Our portfolio includes over 500 products across the following key lines - access control  and time-attendance,   access gates,  remote  supervision  system, queue control, paying car park, industrial processing control system, IP data collector, localization system, custom special purpose instruments.


Procontrol designs, manufactures, markets custom electronics for 33 years. The R&D team of Procontrol is involved in individual research and development projects also, exported to EU states, other foreign counties and volume projects. The company has a significant capacity and contract base for developing professional products, manufacturing prototypes, mass production

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Our activities:


  • R + D projects
  • Electronical planning
  • Precision mechanics, engineering planning
  • Designing
  • Production planning
  • Software design, developing
  • Production of prototypes
  • Mass production
  • Installation, servicing, operating
  • Expert advice for inventors


Procontrol Ltd.’s own products:

• Access control, time-attendance systems
• RFID proximity and biometric reader technology
• Person and object tracker (Real Time Location System)
• Building Monitoring System
• Industrial processing control devices
• Sensors, gauge taxes, wireless sensor networks
• Queue control systems
• Automatic payment machines, parking systems
• Digital displays, centralized GPS clock system, giant displays
• Access gates, steel and glass turnstiles, revolving, speed gates
• Safety systems (alarm, sensor)
• Intrusion Control System
• Video supervising camera system
• Intelligent interactive displays, net kiosks, informative stations
• Ticket vending systems
• Payment and sales machines
• Measuring devices for Ethernet network and unique tasks.


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Procontrol Electronics Ltd.

H-6725 Szeged, Cserepes sor 9/B.

Tel.: +36 (62) 444-007, (62) 472-372

VAT number: 10311617-2-06

EU VAT number: HU10311617

Number of the company in register: 06-09-000151

Family enterprise, established in 1981. Colleagues (2013): 48 persons


General e-mail:

Quotation, ordering, marketing:



Parcels delivery, receipt of goods:: Monday to Friday 8AM-16:30PM

Free parking for our customers and suppliers!

Unhindered, clear reception area is guaranteed.

quality management


Procontrol Ltd.’s management system is audited by Bureau Veritas Certification
and certified to be in accordance with the requirements of national standard ISO
9001:2008. Our quality assurance system is updated and improved continuously.


The standard of invoicing process, order treatment and inner administration of
the company is provided by internationally known SAP Business One integrated
corporate management software.


You can download our Code of Ethics document here. >>


Contracted logistical partners are GLS and TNT delivery services.





Procontrol logó


In Procontrol’s offer there are self-developed products mostly. We undertake unique modifications according to the customer claim and according to negotiation. We distribute our products, we install and giving support and full service.


The „Procontrol" logo and ProxerGate®, ProxerPort®, IP Thermo®, IP Stecker®, ProxerLock®, ProxerStecker®, RHS®, HI-CALL®, HI-GUARD®, MEDI-CALL®, Pani-Call®, PROXER®, PROXERNET® are the official trademark of Procontrol Electronics Ltd.




Contracted manufacturers



In Procontrol's offer there are self-developed products mostly. We undertake unique modifications according to the customer's claim and according to negotiation. We distribute our own products, we install and favour it with services.

Many worldwide noted manufacturer chose our company as a business partner:


  • Tibbo Inc. - its exclusive hungarian distributor is the Procontrol - Ethernet converters
  • Good Will Instruments Inc. - its exclusive hungarian distributor is the Procontrol - measuring instruments
  • HID Global, (Fargo Inc.) - RFID tools, card printers
  • Giga-TMS - RFID tools
  • Keytec - Magictouch touch screen
  • Lucky Tech - iGuard access terminal with fingerprint reader

Other manufacturers' products are available at our company: e.g..: Suprema, DigitalPersona, Honeywell, Sunny, Amano, Evolis, Eltron / Zebra, Cardin, Motorola, NICE, Came

our projects with the support of EUropean union 2008-2019:

Introduction of SAP Business One integrated corporate management into Procontrol Electronics Ltd.

Performance of webshop and web catalogue system connected to Procontrol's informational, logistical and invoicing system


RTLS: Creating of Real Time Localization System with the help of Long Range RFID transponders


RHS System: Development of medical distance supervision system by Procontrol


Performance of R+D laboratory at Procontrol Electronics Ltd.  


Development of an innovative RFID lock system


Purchasing at Procontrol Electronics Ltd.


Total cost of the projects supported by the EU between 2008-2019 is 967.359.807 HUF.


Total cost of support: 593.364.451 HUF.