HID Global Fargo Card Printers Product Family - Quality and Security

Brief description

Want a plastic card with your own graphics? You can print a plastic card, an access card with your own printer, from 1 to hundreds of thousands of years old, in photo quality, with anti-counterfeiting security features - e.g. UV ticket, hologram, OVD - with machines with different security levels. We will find the right type for you! With card printing machines, a plastic card with unique graphics is created easily, quickly, in as little as a few seconds. The easy-to-use card printing machines required for this can be purchased or borrowed.

Procontrol Kft. Has been the official Hungarian reseller and service of HID Global Corporation since 2006. Procontrol Kft. Is the official Hungarian reseller and brand service of HID Global Fargo branded products, and a key partner since 2013. Procontrol Kft. Provides a full range of support - distribution, system integrator and user consulting, maintenance, service services in connection with the product range of Fargo card printers.

As part of our card printing service, in any quantity, with a security layer, e.g. We also undertake the production of plastic cards, access cards, membership and regular customer, point collection cards with hologram lamination within 1-2 days.

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